Installing HTTP Toolkit

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HTTP Toolkit is available for Windows, Mac & Linux. To get started, download an installation package for your platform:

For Windows

  • Download and run the Windows installer
  • A progress bar will appear whilst the installer runs, wait for it to complete
  • You can now run HTTP Toolkit from the shortcuts on your desktop & in the start menu
  • If a firewall warning appears, click 'Allow Access', to allow HTTP Toolkit to accept traffic from elsewhere on your network, such as from phones or other computers

A standalone portable zip version is also available, if you prefer.

For Mac

  • Download the MacOS .dmg file
  • Open the DMG
  • Drag the HTTP Toolkit application within to your Applications folder
  • Run the HTTP Toolkit application
  • A MacOS "This is an application downloaded from the internet" prompt may appear; accept it and continue to start the application

Homebrew install is also available, if you prefer.

For Linux

Ubuntu or Debian

  • Download the .deb package
  • Install it, either by running it and using the UI, or using dpkg -i <.deb file>
  • Once installed, HTTP Toolkit can be run from your applications menu, or from the command line as httptoolkit

Arch Linux

  • Install httptoolkit from the AUR, e.g. with yay -S httptoolkit
  • Once installed, HTTP Toolkit can be run from the command line as httptoolkit

Other Linuxes

  • Download the standalone zip
  • Extract it on your machine
  • Run the httptoolkit binary from the HttpToolkit-linux-x64-<version> top-level folder in the resulting extracted files to start the application.

Next steps

HTTP Toolkit installed and running ok?

It's time to start intercepting some HTTP requests.


Having trouble?

Antivirus applications can cause problems or delay installation & startup of HTTP Toolkit. Typically this just requires a little patience, but if you're having issues, disabling your antivirus temporarily may help.

If you're having any other issues, get in touch or file a bug.

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