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The first release of HTTP Toolkit (codename HTTP View) recently went live, and it's time to start planning for the next steps, sharing those plans & progress, and pushing forwards. This blog is one of the first steps toward that. I'm going to be sharing updates and ideas directly, along with the details of new features, and writing about the process of building & using HTTP Toolkit in practice.

The 1st Release

The HTTP View release went fantastically, much better than I'd expected. Great level of attention & usage straight out of the gate, both for downloads but also mailing list signups for actual usage too.

Headline numbers: around 4000 visitors in the first 24h, and conversion rate to app download of nearly 20% (!!!). If you're interested, I posted a thread breaking down the numbers in full on Twitter.

It's been a long road to get here, but there's a few great bits of recent progress that're going to help, and progress on top is already accelerating rapidly:

  • As of late November 2018, I'm now working full-time on HTTP Toolkit! This is very scary, but it's allowed me to seriously focus on this, and made progress 1000x faster.
  • With this release, the core setup for the app and app distribution is all in place, so I can work almost 100% on shipping features from here on.
  • HTTP Toolkit is now live and open-source, so there's a lot of feedback coming in, and it's open for contributions from you and the community too.

What's Next?

So, given that, where do we go from here? My current plan is:

  • Set up a blog to keep people updated (check)
  • A quick new automatic interceptor for fresh terminal windows
  • Releasing the Pro version, to make development sustainable
  • Automatic Docker interception

That's all for now, but you can subscribe below for future updates & posts! Watch this space...

Published 5 years ago by Tim PerryPicture of Tim Perry

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